Hello gorgeous! 

My name is Rosie Lo Grasso and I’m so thrilled that you have arrived here.  

I’m a mum to my two beautiful children, Juliet and Andreas and I want to be an example for them – of being the change you want to see in the worldthanks for that Ghandi. 

strive to help women who were just like me. Who perhaps haven’t or don’t always make the right choices – eat poorly, smoke, drink way too much, never say no, don’t exercise, work a lot, have bad skin, manage anxiety, have poor or zero habitshave or deal with mental health issues….You get the idea. I was a hot mess!

This same woman wants to improve her life and influence the lives of her family members through making better, healthier, conscious and informed choices in her purchases and day to day decisions.  A critical turning point for me was when I had fertility challenges in my mid thirties and through that journey, I uncovered a whole new way of wholistic living. 

Everyday Awakenings was born as an idea in an underground carpark, after I had just left the Natural & Organic Supershow in Melbourne in 2016 with a dear friend. I felt inspired, but so overwhelmed with how many products were on offer. What was good, what wasn’t? What worked, what didn’t? Why did some ingredients in supposedly healthier marketed products, seem to be unhealthy and unrecognisable to me 

In our marketing and design family business, ideapro, I am a marketing strategist by day, helping our clients grow and promote their brands. I understand the use of persuasive language, the influential use of colour/images and green-washing (brands that market themselves as environmentally friendly, but don’t minimise their environmental impact) 

Suddenly it came to me, why I don’t just look deeper into products, look past the marketing spin (ha – I know, how ironic!) and use my skills for product research. I decided I could try all the products I’m interested in and would use anyway, and for the ones that I love, I would share them with others.  

And that’s how it began.  

Here you will find better alternatives in the areas of food, drinks, beauty, healthcare and home. You will also learn what I have learnt by working alongside my naturopathacupuncturist and psychologist who taught me to make small but conscious shifts in new healthier directions. For me it meant starting yoga, overhauling my pantry and bathroom cupboards and doing some solid identitymindset and forgiveness work 

I am a forever student, I invest in working with coaches ongoing, I learn from those who have achieved what I want to, and I share whatever I learn with you. 

I’m also not perfect and human. On occasion I succumb to a vice to two (hello Prosecco!) and aim for balance that works for me. But for the most part, my day-to-day decisions are focused on whether something serves my mind, body and soul. 

I look forward to sharing everything I’ve learnt and will continue to learn with you – and I hope for you to be my teacher too. 


X Rosie 

p.s – Did you relate to what you just read and felt like, yes, this speaks straight to me?  

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Hope to see you on the inside x