Ever heard of TFT or thought field therapy? It’s a life and mind shifter.

TFT is a type of psychotherapy that manipulates how energy travels through your body. When you feel an energy being built up and blocked, TFT will help you release it through your thought fields. It is said to give long lasting and rapid results. It’s also related to EFT – emotional freedom technique.⁠

Rosanna Mosca at Feeling Healthy Wellness Hub is an incredible counsellor and psychotherapist and she helped me move through multiple sessions of TFT in addressing some anxiety and phobia related issues. I made great progress during our time together. Whether you’re after nutritional, mental, physical or emotional support I highly recommend checking them out! ⁠

If you’re someone who struggles with anxiety, stress, anger or irrational fear and other common psychological and emotional problems, TFT can provide you with rapid relief from them. ⁠

Don’t fear about speaking to someone when you need to. I encourage you to not suffer in silence alone. There is someone and something that may be just the help you need to move to the other side of your current feelings and experiences. ☺️ ⁠

Image by Wonderlane

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