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What’s in my Nappy Bag? Organic baby products!

I often get asked what products I use on Juliet, as there are so many on the market. It can get confusing to know what to use or choose, as so many products contain harmful toxins and fragrances, which can cause harm to our little ones. β € I always stick to products where I can understand the ingredient’s listing, they are ideally certified organic, or have recognizable ingredients at the very least and I go with a less is more…

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Tooshies Baby Wipes

When you have a baby, wipes become your new second best friend. You can never replace your first best friend … lol. πŸ™‚ 🙊 And because we use so many of them in a day – to wipe bums, faces, grubby hands, tables, floors, walls, chairs, bench tops, ourselves, pretty much everywhere your baby is in the vicinity of – it’s easy to just buy the best value for money in a bulk pack. I know I did.β € But ……

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Soothe your babies bottom with Aromababy Barrier Balm

When I had a baby recently, I became even more conscious about what products I would use on my precious little one to get her started in life in the healthiest possibly way. There is a plethora of baby products on the market, especially for nappy creams; many of them chemically based – containing Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Linalyl Acetate to name a few. The MSDS’ (material safety data sheets) for these ingredients state to varying degrees that…

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