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Clear your mind with a journal.

 “Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.” – Mina Murray ⁠ A great activity for encouraging mindfulness is journaling. Remember writing in your secret diary when you were a kid, well journaling is the adult version of that. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or worried, picking up a pen and writing down what you’re feeling can help you take your mind off things. It’s also great for when you feel great too – it…

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Listening to the whispers…thanks to Oprah

Back in December 2015 I heard Oprah speak live in Melbourne with one of my best friends (so special!). It was truly a pivotal moment for me personally and spiritually. In the short time she spoke, there was lesson after lesson after lesson.⁠⁠One of the most profound was this, and one I remember all the time.⁠ “Your life is speaking to you all the time. ⁠ Life whispers to you. ⁠ The whisper gets louder. ⁠ It becomes a pebble (problem). ⁠…

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Live on purpose.

Be the change. This quote has appeared on my affirmations list for a long time. If you haven’t watched the film Ghandi, I highly recommend it. A few years back now, on a long-haul business trip flight back to Australia from the UK, I was traveling solo and had some time to kill, so I decided to do a movie marathon. I chose the movie Ghandi to start with. It was nothing short of awe-inspiring what he was willing to…

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