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Conscious living

For quite a while now, I have been trying to live consciously. With intention and positivity. It’s not easy, and sometimes I fail miserably, but when I succeed, I feel in flow and centred. So I keep trying … everyday.

So what does it mean to live consciously? Well for me, it means making active, self aware, positive and confident decisions for everything in my life. All the time. With purpose-filled intention.

That includes my purchases (especially food and healthcare), what I think about, how I spend my time, both personal and work, with whom I spend my time, what I watch on TVΒ or read, what exercise is best for me, what I choose to listen to or ignore … you get the idea. 😀

I love this quote because it’s a great reminder on living a conscious life of health and wellbeing.

Share it if you love it, too. Let’s send nothing but love and positivity out into the world!


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