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How to identify wasteful thoughts – what Brahma Kumaris taught me.

In my mid twenties, I discovered the Brahma Kumaris spiritual community. And yes, I thought it may have been a cult, and no it wasn’t (phew!). ⁠ Together with a close girlfriend, we joined their positive thinking course program, and learnt all about how our thoughts are seperate to who we are, and how to identify different types of thoughts. It was a pivotal point in my life where I started to really understand the power of our thoughts and…

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Choose conscious thoughts

Do you pay attention to the messages the universe sends you? Today, I learned the importance of paying attention. Otherwise, I would have missed this gem on my morning walk. It resonates with me as I previously thought wasteful thoughts that didn’t serve me. I didn’t know they were wasteful, but I did a brilliant short course a while back run by Brahma Kumaris who taught me this and so much more. Now I try to choose my thoughts wisely…

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