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Choose conscious thoughts

Do you pay attention to the messages the universe sends you?

Today, I learned the importance of paying attention.

Otherwise, I would have missed this gem on my morning walk.

It resonates with me as I previously thought wasteful thoughts that didn’t serve me. I didn’t know they were wasteful, but I did a brilliant short course a while back run by Brahma Kumaris who taught me this and so much more.

Now I try to choose my thoughts wisely everyday and it’s helped me live more peacefully. Actually, I try to consciously choose everything for my wellbeing – thoughts for my mind, foods and healthcare products for my body and gratitude and mindfulness for my soul. I don’t always succeed, but I try – that’s the best we can do, give things a go!

After reading this post, if there’s one thing you can choose more consciously, please share with us what that is. 🍃

Inspiration thanks to Floral Collections Hamilton Island.

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