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What’s in my Nappy Bag? Organic baby products!

I often get asked what products I use on Juliet, as there are so many on the market. It can get confusing to know what to use or choose, as so many products contain harmful toxins and fragrances, which can cause harm to our little ones. ⠀ I always stick to products where I can understand the ingredient’s listing, they are ideally certified organic, or have recognizable ingredients at the very least and I go with a less is more…

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There is no money in healthy people or dead people. The money is in sick people / Bill Maher /

I’ve been watching a range of doco’s lately focusing on the world health epidemic. The rise of blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc in our communities is alarming. And there is no sign of a decrease in sight. ⠀ We are conditioned to think that such illnesses are ‘common’ now. There’s a pill for everything, coupled with advice that you must eat well and exercise, together with a script for your daily dose of medicine that…

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Deodorant Paste, Armpits and Axilla

How’s your armpit doing? When’s the last time you gave it some love? Odd questions I know, but important ones considering your armpit is home to hundreds of sweat glands that help control your body temperature and work to expel harmful toxins such as cancer cells through lymph nodes from your body through perspiration. There isn’t scientific evidence to back claims that blocking your lymph nodes causes cancer through using chemical-laden deodorants and sprays. I think we can guess why?…

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