Deodorant Paste, Armpits and Axilla

How’s your armpit doing? When’s the last time you gave it some love?

Odd questions I know, but important ones considering your armpit is home to hundreds of sweat glands that help control your body temperature and work to expel harmful toxins such as cancer cells through lymph nodes from your body through perspiration.

There isn’t scientific evidence to back claims that blocking your lymph nodes causes cancer through using chemical-laden deodorants and sprays. I think we can guess why? My personal view, however, is I don’t want to risk them being blocked by toxic crap that is in mainstream deodorants and body sprays, so I make other choices.

Have you read the label on your deodorant or body spray lately? Chances are they contain a range of parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl and butyl) which mimic oestrogen and cause hormonal imbalance, aluminium compounds (chlorohydrate, zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly) which plug the sweat ducts and temporarily halt the flow of sweat, triclosan which causes dermatitis and propylene glycol which causes delayed allergic reactions, is considered a neurotoxin, and may cause kidney and liver damage. There are an array of other potentially toxic ingredients, but you get the idea.

No, thanks.

So a few years back, I started searching and came across an alternative.

Our recommendation:
Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste – purchased from Nourished Life

Axilla Deodorant Paste™:

🍃 Contains natural and certified organic ingredients
🍃 Does not contain harmful Aluminium salts
🍃 Neutralises odour
🍃 Is a deodorant paste that is invisible after application
🍃 Is alcohol free, paraben free
🍃 Is blended with pure essential oils
🍃 Is vegan and not tested on animals
🍃 Is hand made in Australia

Did you know the armpit is also called the axilla? Which now makes sense to me as to why Black Chicken Remedies called my fave underarm deodorant paste the same name. For the past 2 years I just thought axilla was just a cool name they came up with. 😂 (face plant✋)

I would love to hear what deodorant you use in the comments below, and importantly, if you have ever taken notice of the ingredients in what you are spraying under your arm? Please do pay attention. We have the privileged opportunity to choose what products to use.

Let’s choose consciously and wisely.

Image thanks to Black Chicken Remedies

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