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Noosa Basics Deodorant Paste

It’s been heating up in Melbourne of late, so the sweat pits have been getting a good work out. 😅 I’ve previously tried a wide range of different spray and paste organic deodorants to keep me feeling fresh and dry throughout the day. And not all natural deodorants work that’s for sure. To find out my top picks, be sure to check out my previous posts on Axilla paste by Black Chicken Remedies and a wonderful luxe spray by Mukti…

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Mukti Botanique Deoderant

A natural deodorant spray that actually works? I found one!!! And it’s in the most divine packaging ever. Double tick! Natural deodorants absorb moisture without blocking under arm glands and neutralise body odour by eliminating bacteria. A while I ago, I posted about how I use Black Chicken Remedies – a paste based deodorant and it works great! I still highly recommend it. Since then (and for a long time before), I’ve been on the hunt for a spray version also…

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