Mukti Botanique Deoderant

A natural deodorant spray that actually works? I found one!!! And it’s in the most divine packaging ever. Double tick!

Natural deodorants absorb moisture without blocking under arm glands and neutralise body odour by eliminating bacteria.

A while I ago, I posted about how I use Black Chicken Remedies – a paste based deodorant and it works great! I still highly recommend it. Since then (and for a long time before), I’ve been on the hunt for a spray version also that works in minimising odour, as using a paste isn’t always practical. Annnnnnd I finally found one 😀😀😀😀

It’s marketed as unisex which it is, but I personally feel it’s more masculine than feminine. So I got hubby to test it for a while (he’s my best male critic due to his unwavering honesty) and he gave it the tick of approval!

So I’m recommending for the ladies to buy it for the men in your life and for all our male readers to buy it for themselves. Ladies, feel free to try it on yourselves as it does work fine, it’s just my personal view that the scent is a little more man than lady … if you know what I mean. Lol.

We recommend:
🍃 Mukti Botanique Deodorant 100mls $24.95 from our friends at Nourished Life.
🌱 handy spray-on deodorant
🌱 completely natural and aluminium free
🌱 lavender hydrosol base
🌱 propriety blend of anti-bacterial and odour fighting botanicals
🌱 sage, sandalwood and lavender scent
🌱 Unisex
🌱 made in Australia
🌱 certified organic
🌱 certified cruelty free
🌱 vegan, nut, palm, wheat and gluten free
🌱 endorsed by athletes across the globe as “a natural deodorant that really works”

The price is a little higher than you might normally pay for a deodorant; however, you only need a couple of sprays which makes it go a long way.

Next time you decide to spoil your armpits, why not try Mukti Organics botanique deodorant spray. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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