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Lucerne, Switzerland

Nature’s beauty inspires me all over the world, as it’s so different everywhere you go. Architecture, accessibility, altitude, climate … so many factors influence what we see.β € Travelling over the years to many parts of the world has taught me a lot. Mainly to be grateful for where I live, and for the gift the rest of the world is to each of us.β € Flashing back to 1998 on my trip to Lucerne, Switzerland where I experienced this magical bridge…

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Look for the learning. Always.

Anyone else love Eat Pray Love? It’s one of my top 5 fave flicks. 🎬 Food, spirituality and love. Italy, India and Bali. Pretty much sounds like heaven to me. 🎆 There are so many learnings every time I watch it. One of them is this quote: “Ruin is the road to transformation” Ruin sounds pretty drastic. Well, sometimes life does feel like it’s in ruins and everything has gone to shit. 💩 You’ve lost your job or you wake…

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Vision Boards help your dreams come true!

Do you vision board? I have created a vision board as long as I can remember. It’s my vision for the year ahead and some big picture goals. I cover family, health, community, career, wealth, spirituality, travel and social areas. I’ve done both a hard-copy board which I see all the time, and in more recent times, I’ve also done a digital version which is a montage of images or even images in a folder which I click through during…

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