Vision Boards help your dreams come true!

Do you vision board?

I have created a vision board as long as I can remember. It’s my vision for the year ahead and some big picture goals. I cover family, health, community, career, wealth, spirituality, travel and social areas. I’ve done both a hard-copy board which I see all the time, and in more recent times, I’ve also done a digital version which is a montage of images or even images in a folder which I click through during my affirmations.

So why create one?

Because when you visualize on something, read supporting affirmations, and take action towards each item, they will come true! It might sound simplistic, but it’s true. If you don’t tell the universe what you want, it can’t deliver it to you. And be sure to be very clear about what you want, it’s difficult for the universe to decipher vague or fuzzy goals.

Do you vision board and does it work for you? Please share your experience.

Image thanks to michelleporterfit.com

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