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Harmonise your mind and body with yoga.

⁠⁠I remember when I first started my yoga practice around 8 or so years ago now, which was a combination of tai chi, pilates and yoga. The soulful Liana from Akari Yoga & Fitness ran classes near me at the time (I highly recommend you look her up both online and if you’re near Kyneton). ⁠ It was a time I had a racing mind pretty much constantly and needed to find a way to calm it the F down,…

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Yoga for back pain.

Yoga … it’s my exercise thing. Even though I was into athletics and running in high school, I’m not really into high-impact exercise anymore. I like the slow, smooth and steady approach to getting fit and leaving all my problems on the mat. I remember a time I had to get massaged every month without fail to deal with stiff shoulders and neck due to working in front of a computer for hours and days on end. Don’t get me…

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