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Last week, on Thursday, 8th September, it was RUOK day in Australia. It is run by an Aussie suicide prevention charity inspiring people to meaningfully connect and support those struggling with life. This is a cause very close to my heart, and it got me thinking. Many years ago, I suffered from horrendous panic attacks and I hid my feelings about it and never gave a glimpse to anyone that anything was wrong. So no one knew that they needed…

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Doctor, Doctor, give me the news.

Doctor doctor give me the news…… Yep, we all go to them for much needed answers and advice and doctors absolutely have their place in our modern world. However, I like to think that before we head to the waiting rooms of our doctor’s clinic, we might stop to try and work things out ourselves first. After all, we do understand our bodies best, because they are ours. But more often than not, we are not paying attention to the…

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