Animal Biscuits

Yay, I’m so excited! I found healthy biscuits for my daughter to snack on…!! ⠀

Ok, I’m going to be honest here. Back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon for me to start my day with a nice strong instant coffee with around 3-4 processed biscuits each morning. That was my breakfast. And I had no idea what I was eating or doing to my body to set myself up for the day. ⠀

When I first started my healthier eating path, quite a few year’s ago now, my gym instructor at the time after doing an analysis of my pantry, immediately ordered me to dump the biscuits. My naturopath said the same. I was sad, as I really loved my chocolate teddy bears, Tim Tams, family assortment (except the ones with all the sugar sprinkled on the outside – yuk!), not to mention my favourite mint slice. We had a good thing going. But no more. ⠀

You see, once you know what’s in your food, you can’t ignore it. Sure, I might indulge every now and again (it’s part of being human and not obsessing), but having biscuits for breakfast everyday is a thing of the past.⠀

So when it came to finding a healthy biscuit alternative for my 17-month-old toddler Juliet to encourage her self-feeding, as a little snack in the afternoon or mid morning for tea time, I actually really struggled as there’s not much out there.

Until I found Little Bellies Animal Biscuits. ⠀

Founded by two brothers, with 7 young children between them, they believe in using wholesome organic ingredients to create foods that are nutritionally dense without adding unnecessary sugar or salt.⠀

The biscuits are:⠀

  • certified organic⠀
  • sweetened only with grape juice⠀
  • artificial additive free⠀
  • herbicides & pesticide free⠀
  • non GMO⠀

Plus they come in the cutest safari adventure animal characters. ⠀

Next up I’m looking forward to trying the mini gingerbread men.⠀

Available from Woolworths, Coles Supermarkets and other online stores.⠀

Love to hear what you think.

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