Creating quality habits – 21 Day Challenge!

At the very last minute a couple of months back, I decided to sign up for a 21 day challenge.

It was last minute because I’d been thinking about it for days and knew that I hadn’t committed – and followed through – on anything for that length of time in a very long time, probably pre-kids was the last time. It scared me, but the $47 investment made me have skin in the game and made me value it, so I did it! I signed up. And I’m proud to say, I have committed and have seen results. And it’s been AHMAZING!

Basically you pick one goal and you focus on it non-stop for 21 days. That’s the short version. It could be related to fitness, tidying your home, growing your biz, drinking more water…whatever is important to you. Throw in daily audios, some short written exercises and actually doing work on your goal. Because that is why you set the goal in the first place – and it works.

You do go off track. You do doubt yourself. You do want to change your goal. But if you stay the course and strengthen that mind muscle, you push through.

So far I’ve achieved things I would never have done, and would still be on my ‘to do list’ not started. I’ve learnt so much about my mind, and how critical the words are that I say to myself. I’ve learnt about the power of getting back on track continuously and having reminders that help you do that. And I’ve shifted something. Like inside. And I’m really proud of myself for sticking at it too.

This isn’t sponsored. It’s just a genuine share that has helped me (and it might for you too). I am now doing consecutive 21 day challenges because I am pumped – did I mention you get ongoing access to future challenges once you sign up? If you want to give it a go, or learn more, Carlo Kingmaker Chincarini who runs the challenge is starting a new one on 17th May.

Check it out and I might just see you on the inside.

⁠What habits do you have in place that improve the quality of your life? ⁠

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