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Creating quality habits – 21 Day Challenge!

At the very last minute a couple of months back, I decided to sign up for a 21 day challenge. It was last minute because I’d been thinking about it for days and knew that I hadn’t committed – and followed through – on anything for that length of time in a very long time, probably pre-kids was the last time. It scared me, but the $47 investment made me have skin in the game and made me value it,…

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How to make organic chocolate rice puff cereal!

When my daughter started eating most of the same foods as us once she was around one year old, I got thinking about healthy breakfast options. I grew up on sugar laden cereals and I knew I wanted something different for her. Rice cereal, porridge, weetbix were all good options but how about something a bit more fun? So I thought of creating my own version of Coco Pops and it wasn’t that hard. Abundant Earth (a Vitaco Health brand)…

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My relationship with my body has changed. I used to consider it as a servant who should obey, function, give pleasure. In sickness, you realise that you are not the boss. It is the other way around. / Federico Fellini /

How many of us have experienced this? We push our bodies to their limits. We think we are indestructible. We think we are eternal. The reality is that our bodies can only take so much. Drinking, smoking, poor food choices, stress, exposure to toxins, strenuous physical activity, lack of sleep…these all contribute to our bodies eventually screaming out. “STOP” Much like Federico Fellini, my relationship with my body has changed. I have absolutely pushed my body beyond it’s limits, and…

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There is no money in healthy people or dead people. The money is in sick people / Bill Maher /

I’ve been watching a range of doco’s lately focusing on the world health epidemic. The rise of blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc in our communities is alarming. And there is no sign of a decrease in sight. ⠀ We are conditioned to think that such illnesses are ‘common’ now. There’s a pill for everything, coupled with advice that you must eat well and exercise, together with a script for your daily dose of medicine that…

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Aromababy Barrier Balm – thanks from Rochelle

I can’t tell you how much it warms my heart getting feedback where my posts and product recommendations are helping you make healthier buying choices for you and your families.⠀ Rochelle, from Melbourne shared with me, ⠀ “Thanks for putting me onto the Aromababy barrier balm, it’s so much nicer for my little girl than the stuff I was using!”⠀ I just placed my third order this week for my little Juliet – she just turned 16 months. This stuff…

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Free range vs caged eggs

Sundays are for a free-range eggy brekky. 🍳 If you try non-free range eggs and compare eggs from chickens raised in a backyard or farm which free roam, you’ll notice in the free range option: The colour of the yolk will be a vibrant yellow rather than a pale yellow, the taste will be incredible as opposed to bland, and you will know they are better for you as they are fed food scraps, are allowed to free roam to eat…

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Eco Store Dishwasher Powder

I have been using traditional dishwasher tablets and gel pouches for a long time now. And hadn’t thought much of it.⠀ Until I read a stat which made me take notice and start thinking more seriously.⠀ “In a 12-month period in Australia, 2072 children were admitted to hospital due to poisoning.” This was due to ingestion of either medicines or household chemicals, including dishwashing tablets which look like lollies in pretty pouches.⠀ With my daughter starting to crawl all over…

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What’s on your Harmony List?

How lovely are these statements? Reading them fills me with a feeling of peace, calm and tranquility. 🙏🏻🍃 And a dawning reality that I have much work to do to feel this way consistently. And I question whether I’ll ever achieve it. One can only strive towards it. I do, however, remember certain moments in my life where I have felt like this. This is my Harmony List – When I consistently exercise, when I regularly meditate, when I eat…

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Happy 40th birthday to me!

About last night. I turned 40 yesterday and had an incredible night to celebrate with close family and friends. This is me + hubby burning it up on the dance floor on our very rare baby free night. In the lead up and on my birthday, I got countless questions about how it feels to turn 40. Basically, they were asking, do you feel old? 😂 The short answer is no. I don’t feel old. I don’t feel 40. I…

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