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What’s emotional intelligence and why is it important?

🧠 Emotional intelligence and having an understanding of what it is and how I can hone it, is one of those life skills I have found invaluable.⁠⁠Have you heard of it? 🤷🏻⁠⁠I hadn’t. Until I worked in corporate over 10 years ago, and we had an EI coach run an assessment for the all male exec team (bar me…surprise surprise). After a ratings test, it appeared that as a female I rated higher than my other 13 male colleagues and…

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Learn how to manage your emotions with essential oils.


At the end of July 2017, I was invited to attend a doTERRA learn, make & take class at Enta, with a group of gorgeous women, all there to learn how essential oils can help with emotional management. Mariana Suarez, our gentle heart-centre guide, shared, “We all do our best to look after our physical health, without realising that many of our physical ailments are coming from emotions we have been holding to; sometimes for too long and most of…

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What do when things go wrong – this is what Oprah told me.

I spent 2 hours writing Oprah’s entire speech back in December 2015 when she toured Melbourne. I lapped up every minute. And for good reason, her messages spoke truth to my heart. I will share them with you over time. We’ve all had shit happen to us in life – with some days worse than others. My previous approach was the perfected wallowing technique where I would sit on the couch, complain to friends or lie on bed and say…

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