What’s emotional intelligence and why is it important?

🧠 Emotional intelligence and having an understanding of what it is and how I can hone it, is one of those life skills I have found invaluable.⁠

Have you heard of it? 🤷🏻⁠

I hadn’t. Until I worked in corporate over 10 years ago, and we had an EI coach run an assessment for the all male exec team (bar me…surprise surprise). After a ratings test, it appeared that as a female I rated higher than my other 13 male colleagues and from that moment, I embraced my newly-discovered EI skillset that I didn’t even know I had. ⁠

Understanding emotions.

Emotional intelligence is all about a heightened awareness, understanding, use and management of your own emotions, as well as importantly being in tune to the emotions of those around you. ⁠

How can this help me?

This can help you manage, support and understand how you can reduce stress in and with others. It helps diffuse challenging emotional situations. Days can feel overwhelming for ourselves and those around us (especially right now mid covid), but through emotional intelligence we can find ways to positively alleviate those feelings. ✨⁠

Strengthen relationships.

Knowing your stressors, practicing your social skills and being aware of the words you use are just some tips in improving your emotional intelligence levels, which can ultimately deepen and improve your relationship with yourself and others. ⁠

Did you know about emotional intelligence? Love to hear your experiences.⁠

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