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What do when things go wrong – this is what Oprah told me.

I spent 2 hours writing Oprah’s entire speech back in December 2015 when she toured Melbourne. I lapped up every minute. And for good reason, her messages spoke truth to my heart. I will share them with you over time.

We’ve all had shit happen to us in life – with some days worse than others. My previous approach was the perfected wallowing technique where I would sit on the couch, complain to friends or lie on bed and say ‘why me?’, ‘poor me!’, ‘it’s not fair’ etc., etc. yadayadayada.

Over time, I have realised that everything has happened for the reason of moving me towards where I am today. Small but deliberate shifts from the universe towards a happier place. I am now ever more conscious of what happens day-to-day and much more reflective of the message and teaching a situation is giving me, rather than letting my thoughts and emotions run wild. I write these lessons down and highly recommend it. It has helped me feel more calm and in control and it’s great to reflect on life’s lessons just for me!

This quote is my learning and reminder for today.

Do you pay attention to the lessons your curve balls teach you? Share one learning below so we can collectively learn!

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