Free range vs caged eggs

Sundays are for a free-range eggy brekky.Β 🍳

If you try non-free range eggs and compare eggs from chickens raised in a backyard or farm which free roam, you’ll notice in the free range option:

The colour of the yolk will be a vibrant yellow rather than a pale yellow, the taste will be incredible as opposed to bland, and you will know they are better for you as they are fed food scraps, are allowed to free roam to eat worms and bits of grass and other natural goodies as opposed to being grain fed and cooped up in cages.

I love getting our eggs with bits of straw and stuff on them from our local egg man, as I know they are real and authentic. On our last trip to Hamilton Island, I had to buy non-free range eggs as that’s what was available and they were awful – pale creamy colour, bland and lifeless. 😬

Why not source your own local egg supplier to deliver to you weekly? You have the power to choose.

Image thanks to The Low Tox Fox.

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