doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil – thanks from Dina

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To celebrate reaching our first 100 followers on Facebook back in July, we gave away a bottle of beautiful doTERRA lemon essential oil to one lucky winner.β €
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Dina from Melbourne has been enjoying her product ever since, and we were so excited to get her feedback recently … it says it all really. πŸ™‚ We’re liking that Wellbeing Tea, too.Β 💚🍃

DoTERRA recommends that whilst essential oils can be used in an oil burner, it is best if they are used in a diffuser for maximum health benefits.

“Since being gifted this beautiful product, I have been using it in an oil burner at work – I light it up in the morning and leave it on till just after lunch. 🍋

It’s a fresh vibrant citrus aroma that permeates in the surrounds but ISN’T pungent or overpowering – I believe it can definitely be used around babies 👶🏼👧🏻 and little ones…

I’ve recently also discovered that it is edible!!!Β 🍋🍋Β That was -a revelation for me – next I’ll try it in my soup!

I’d give this product a healthy 💯%.

Thank you, Everyday Awakenings for introducing a little goodness in my ‘everyday'”.

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