doTERRA Easy Air, Tea Tree & Lemon Essential oils – treating colds

Anyone else sick of being sick with a cold? Or having an entire sick household?

Give me a hell yeah!.

Around a month ago, my little Juliet came down with an awful cough which turned into a head cold and two weeks of pure hell. Blocked nose, awful heart-wrenching chesty cough and the inability to sleep with tears and more tears. From her (and at times me). Yep, pure hell. 🙄😷.

Pre-baby, I had no idea what a nasal aspirator was – now I know that it can be the difference between sleep and no sleep – so it’s in my top 10 baby care toolbox. Unfortunately, Juliet doesn’t agree – and why would she want a plastic stick shoved up her nose so I can then pump the blue rubber balloon at the end of it and suck out her gooey bits. Mmmmm…

So when that didn’t work, and I hadn’t slept for days and I was starting to turn into a crazy lady, I turned to my trusty Doterra essential oil kit and contacted my beautiful mentor Mariana for help. I’m still learning about using essential oils (and loving it!). I can’t wait to slowly replace my medicine cabinet with nature’s gifts.

I used one drop of tea tree (melaleuca) 🍃 and one drop of lemon 🍋 mixed with a few teaspoons of coconut oil and rubbed it under her feet and on her chest and back (natural Vicks!). I also used a couple of drops of Easy Air (called Breathe outside Australia) in her vaporiser. I don’t have a diffuser yet, and it’s better if you use it in that, but I used what I had – desperate times. Within a couple days of starting, her cough subsided and within a week, she was completely recovered.

Of course, after she recovered, the very next day, I started coughing and sniffling – ahhhhh! This time I didn’t wait so long and used the same concoction, and I recovered fairly quickly. No usual Panadol, no cold and flu tabs … just oils and lots of rest. Pretty amazing stuff! It’s what worked for our family to kick our colds in the butt. 👊

I also use tea tree and lemon oils for pimples, allergies, cleaning and I’m learning so many other uses as I go.

If you’re interested to know more or have questions, please get in touch at hello@everydayawakenings.com or comment below.

*Safety Note:
Essential oils should never be used neat (undiluted) directly on infants and children, and safe application must always be followed. Refer to the Doterra website for more information.

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