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Ever been in an earthquake?

Neither had we, until a few days ago. And what a crazy, shaky experience it was!

It was around 2.30pm on Hamilton Island and I was just finishing up giving Juliet a leisurely late lunch in our 11th floor apartment when everything started shaking. And I mean everything. At first it was a slow rumble and then it built in momentum, to the point that the hanging light shade was swinging side to side and the room was literally shaking. It was like being in the scene of a movie. Surreal yet real if that makes sense. I held my gaze on Juliet in her high chair who was laughing and thought it was a big hoot, as I tried to hold on to the table which was moving towards her. It lasted around 30 seconds and was freaking unsettling.

A few days and a few minor aftershocks later, it’s got me thinking deeply how life can change in a single moment … in an instant. And I’m so happy that we are ok and we are fine, but I’m also happy we came here to try new things, experience a new place and not be scared to venture out into the world. We even went out to do some sightseeing that same afternoon.

I would encourage you to view life as though it could change in an instant. What are you holding back on? What are you waiting for?

Get out there, have courage and live your best life right now. Follow your dreams, call that friend, book that holiday, as you just never know when your own earthquake may hit. 👊

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