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Food Changes Everything / Joshua Rosenthal /

It really does.⠀

I remember a time where I never gave a second thought to what or when I ate. The only things I did think about were “this tastes good, give me more” or “I’m hungry now, what can I eat to snack on quickly” or “I’ll skip breakfast because I’ve no time and I’ll just eat a chocolate bar in the car on the way to work”. Can anyone relate?⠀

In my my early thirties, I started to feel sluggish, lethargic and lacking energy. Some days I found it difficult to get out of bed and my mood was regularly negative and shitty. I put it down to working a lot, burning the candle at both ends, hardly ever saying no. And yes, all those things were definitely contributing, but I was also eating very poorly.⠀

My work drawer was filled with salt and sugar – processed chips, cheese dip and crackers, chocolate, lollies and fruit juice packs. I ate some veggies, hardly any fruit and lunch was a wide variety of fast food (usually at my desk).⠀

Fast forward to a visit to my naturopath and I quickly uncovered how badly I was doing. This was the turning point. I realised that what I was eating was affecting not only my physical body, but also my mental state. I fought change in the beginning. It was too hard, it was too uncomfortable. I had to buy new ‘foreign’ foods with fancy names I couldn’t pronounce (quinoa aka keen-wa). ⠀

But what we resist, persists.⠀

It took a few detoxes, lots of learning, a near-complete pantry and diet overhaul, introducing regular yoga and meditation. I finally got back to a healthier and happier state. My vibration lifted and I was a much nicer person to be around, and started being kinder to myself. Interesting that.⠀

I now consciously choose what I eat and what packaged foods I buy whenever possible without being crazy about it. Fresh vegetables are part of most meals, I avoid eating too much meat, increased my Omega 3 and Vitamin D intake, smoothies are a staple, LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seeds and almond) is my new protein friend, and I’ve learnt the difference between low GI foods vs high GI foods. And this is just the start.⠀

Food has changed everything for me.⠀

What has it done for you? Please share in the comments.

🍏 Thanks to Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director Integrative Nutrition and Melissa Ambrosini for the inspiration for this post from their podcast. 🙏🏻

Photo by Jony Ariadi

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