Invest in a personal coach, why?

Investing in personal coaching has been something I have wanted to do for a very long time. ⁠

And a few months back, after a deep struggle with being in initial lockdown in Melbourne, I decided it was the right time. I was a big fuzzy hot mess. My head hurt with the overwhelm. Isolation at home with two young active children for a prolonged period, whilst running a household and a business with my hubby and a lack of outside connections, just felt too much at times. ⁠

Get the support you need.

I decided to work with a coach who offers a combination of practical support in my day to day life whether it be at home or for my work, as well as some woo woo, as I’m very much into being connected with and learning about my spiritual self and the broader spiritual world. ⁠

Step outside your comfort zone.

In just a few months, the shift has been substantial and I’ve learnt and implemented so much more than I would have, had I not taken the plunge.

It’s made me think that possibly we all need a guide, and it’s important that it’s someone we don’t personally know. Someone unbiased, that will just tell it to you straight. Ask you the hard questions, in the kindest of ways. And encourage action of thought and behaviour, often pushing you outside your comfort zone. ⁠

So you can get out of your own way, and live your best life. ⁠

I’d love to know – have you invested in personal coaching too and found benefits, or have you thought about it? ⁠

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