Kick start your day with lemon water.


After a few failed detox attempts, I finally kicked my caffeine addiction, and started to enjoy having lemon water as part of my morning routine. I love lemon, so I use a whole wedge and plonk it into a mug of boiling water and allow it to cool a bit before sipping it.

The documented benefits of drinking lemon water are far and wide, but the greatest benefit comes from drinking the water itself – which flushes the body’s digestive system after it has been resting through the night, as well as rehydrating the body. So if you’re not a lemon lover, drink a mug of warm boiled filtered water as your first drink of the day. 

My own research has uncovered a few other benefits specific to drinking lemon water which include:
– Supporting your immune system with Vitamin C
– Freshening breath
– Helping manage stress and depression
– Promoting overall healing, including calming inflammation
– Detoxifying the liver

Since drinking it consistently (say 2-3 times per week over the past 2 years), and in particular avoiding coffee, I’ve felt cleaner, less lethargic and start the day full of energy. It’s like a citrus wake up call – I highly recommend you try it and I’d love to hear how you go. Sometimes in the winter time in particular, if I’m feeling a cold might be setting in, I also add fresh ginger slices and honey.

Note: There is concern about the acid in lemons harming tooth enamel, however a simple solution is to rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

What’s your morning drink of choice and will you give lemon water a go?

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