Oliver’s Real Food – a certified organic fast food chain

A certified organic fast food chain.

Yep, it’s REAL people.

Are you like me and have driven around feeling hungry and thought, I’d just love to get some fast food that wasn’t the usual crap? I have … plenty of times … and I kept dreaming as I paid for some soggy Maccas salad option.

Enter Oliver’s Real Food.

Now, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying Oliver’s yet, as unfortunately, there aren’t any stores located near me yet – I hope. But since I discovered them, they are on my radar, and if I am ever heading their way, I will be sure to make a pit stop. So far, they are situated across 19 locations on the east coast of Australia in NSW, VIC and are opening soon in QLD. You can see their franchise locations on their website.

According to their website, Oliver’s Real Food believes that a vital component of good health is when a person takes interest in the quality of food they are eating.

They ask – What did you eat yesterday? Are you feeling gorgeous today, with clear skin and sparkly eyes? Are you feeling happy and bursting with energy?

We Are What We Eat.

This resonates so much with me, as it’s the lesson my mum taught me as a young girl. We grew up with not a lot of money, so luxuries were hard to come by. But mum always said, no matter if you can’t afford other things, never scrimp on food and always buy the best you can, as your body needs nourishing from the inside out. #lifelessons

But it gets BETTER!

They use ZERO pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and aside from the wide menu variety of healthy breakfast, lunch, snack and cafe`options, they also have a store (online also) that sells some of their more popular food products and health-inspired books, DVDs and CDs.

So our recommendation for your next healthy fast food fix –
 Olivers Real Food – Oliver’s Real Food

Personally, I cannot wait to check them out!

Let me know if you get there before I do. Would love to hear what you think!

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