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Wardrobe Declutter

This is what I would like my wardrobe to look like, not what it actually looks like ha ha. But I’m striving for it!⠀

So I’ve already shared that I’ve been decluttering our entire home through January in order to clear my mind and be ready for the year ahead. In only a few days, we are back in our design studio and will be in the thick of it. It’s been amazing to clear the junk out of our lives.⠀

Did you know that decluttering:⠀
🌱 encourages letting go of the past⠀
🌱 invites new things in⠀
🌱 releases attachment⠀
🌱 improves concentration
🌱increases creativity⠀
🌱 promotes better sleep⠀
🌱 enhances your mood⠀
🌱 allows focus on your goals⠀

Convinced yet?⠀

I love this post and quote from Conscious Copywriter, choose “only what is useful or brings you joy”. 💚

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