Andalou Naturals Hairspray

Are you like me and need to tame that frizz and keep your locks well under control?

It’s been the story of my life. Flyaways, frizz… I’ve been dealing with it for years. And I have gone through a lot of hairspray cans in my time. Yep, you know the ones – where you have to scrunch your nose, and hold your breath for fear of breathing in and choking, until the hazy residue gently settles all around, all over you and the bathroom floor. When I thought about it – that is so not fun!

Following some research, I uncovered that hairspray is a solution of long, chain-like molecules (called polymers) in a very volatile solvent. Spraying deposits a stiff layer of the polymer on your hair after the solvent evaporates.

Common polymers in hairspray include polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), vegetable gums and gum arabic, while alcohol and hydrocarbons make up the solvent portion. Other ingredients, such as propylene glycol, isobutane, propane and fragrance, may also be present.

Within the cosmetic industry, trade secret laws protect manufacturers who choose not to disclose all of the specific ingredients on the labels of cosmetics, making accurate safety assessments impossible in some instances.

Many of the aforementioned ingredients have questionable safety concerns. Enough for me to go off and find a natural alternative hair spray that typically includes fewer ingredients and fewer potentially toxic chemicals.

Our trusty friends at Nourished Life came up with the goods once again.

We recommend Andalou Naturals Hair Spray in a handy 242mls spray pump bottle – AUD $13.95:

Available in:
🌻 Sunflower & Citrus Medium Hold (I tried this one and love it!)
💜 Lavender & Biotin Full Volume

🍃 with fruit stem cell science
🍃 improves hair follicle longevity
🍃 vitality for healthy hair from root to tip
🍃 pleasant citrus scent
🍃 cruelty free
🍃 non GMO project verified
🍃 gluten free
🍃 vegan

Made with 💚 in Northern California.

So next time you reach for the intoxicating spray can, consider trying this non-aerosol sweet smelling spray pump, to tame those wild and frizzy locks into a silky smooth finish.

Love to hear what you use to naturally tame your locks? 💁

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