Food Forage

There is a local backyard food growing revolution happening. 👏

Consumers are becoming more and more informed about their food choices and wanting to go back to basics, with many families growing a small patch of veggies. It’s a wonderful way to save money, eat nourishing healthy food and teach your children about gardening in the fresh air. The reality is not everyone has the space or the time to do so.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy or sell home-grown produce and support local families? Well, you can with Food Forage.

Through embracing the farm-to-fork philosophy, Food Forage provides a platform for local suppliers to sell their produce, while also allowing families to discover where their food comes from.

In a world where supermarkets reign supreme, Food Forage want to tell the stories of local producers and their produce and educate the wider community about the importance of eating locally and supporting local business.

The concept and their goal is simple: Food Forage wants to socialise the online shopping experience and connect Australian communities through food.

Head to www.foodforage.com.au and pop in your postcode to see who’s selling fresh produce near you, or if you’re a seller sign up and post your ad! Be sure to connect with their Instagram account, too.

Happy foraging!!!

This is some yummy basil from our backyard (last year’s crop). Do you grow your own fresh produce?

Share with us what you grow in the comments below. .

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