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Declutter Wayne Dyer Quote

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been on a decluttering binge fest. Thanks, Peter Walsh.⠀

And boy, does it feel good. 😊⠀

Everything is getting cleared out. The spare room (which hubby and I affectionately call “the room no one speaks of”) is currently the dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a place – it’s getting a massive overhaul. Everything is going that: I haven’t touched in over a year, has long-term dust on it (you know what I’m talking about, lol), items I’ve no use for, the things I always think I will use one day but haven’t and probably never will … well, you get the idea.⠀

My pantry is up next – all those well-intentioned baking pantry items waaaay past expiry are getting dumped, and all the packaged items that have been gifted through hampers which I won’t use or where I have over-bought and stocked up on 5 extra boxes of crackers and are still well within expiry – well, they’re going to the food pantry at Helping Hands Mission.

Bathroom – that top drawer. O.M.G. How many hair pins does a girl need? And do I really need to keep 5 brushes and only use my favourite one? Under the vanity, tucked up way in the back for years probably, I’ve found products that scare the shit out of me after reading the ingredient listings. Straight in the bin they go. So FREEING to do this!⠀

Next on my list is my wardrobe, under the kitchen sink, the laundry … BOOM.⠀

Uncluttering the physical stuff from my life has felt nothing short of phenomenal. But as Dr Wayne Dyer alludes to in this quote, we need to clean our my minds, too. All the negative and wasteful thoughts and beliefs that hold us back. We all have our own minds we should consider clearing out. And LET it all go.⠀

This combined process is so healing – getting rid of the physical & emotional stuff as part of a declutter truly does allow you to be more open and create space for what you’re here for. And that is to bring your special magic into the world. Not to mention you’re helping clothe, feed and give joy to others less fortunate in the process. ⠀

So go declutter your mind and your home, and sprinkle some of your magic – the world is waiting for you. 💫⠀

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