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You are special

Sometimes, you will know the effect you have on someone else’s life … but often, you won’t.⠀

🍃 You may smile at a stranger in the street, who has just lost their job – they walk away with a little glimmer of hope. ⠀

🍃 You may tell someone you love them, at the precise moment when they have been having suicidal thoughts and they really need a friend – they walk away feeling loved. ⠀

🍃 You may crack a joke and make someone belly laugh, when internally they are going through depression and anxiety – they walk away feeling a bit better today.⠀

🍃 You may develop a time-saving product for someone, who desperately needs all the extra time they can get – they walk away with that extra time you gave them, so they can spend more time with their elderly parents, or an ill child.⠀

🍃 You may sit and listen to someone’s personal problem without judgement – a marriage breakdown, violence, abuse, betrayal – they walk away feeling comforted and a lot lighter in their soul for having shared.⠀

Never underestimate the value you bring to another person’s life and the world at large – you are worth so much to so many – and often you wouldn’t even know. ⠀

Stop, look in the mirror and say
“I love you.”⠀
“I am good.”⠀
“I am kind.”⠀
“I am worth so much.” ⠀

Then walk out the door each day knowing that with each encounter, it is another opportunity to share your special gift with the world – you.

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