Eco Store Dishwasher Powder

I have been using traditional dishwasher tablets and gel pouches for a long time now. And hadn’t thought much of it.⠀

Until I read a stat which made me take notice and start thinking more seriously.⠀

“In a 12-month period in Australia, 2072 children were admitted to hospital due to poisoning.” This was due to ingestion of either medicines or household chemicals, including dishwashing tablets which look like lollies in pretty pouches.⠀

With my daughter starting to crawl all over the house and getting into every nook and cranny, this obviously freaked me out. So I did some research and uncovered that the very dishwashing cleaners I was buying were not only a risk to her, but full of:⠀
❕alkaline salts (highly corrosive)⠀
❕aluminium salts (corrosion inhibitors)⠀
❕colourants and fragrances ⠀
❕thickening agents⠀

So I found an alternative – not only is it better for us, but is much better value for money than the tablets or gels. It’s super concentrated so you get 51 washes for the 1kg bottle – you really don’t need much.⠀

We recommend: Ecostore Australia, Ecostore New Zealand Dishwasher Powder⠀

🍃 Uses enzymes to clean & reduce the number of chemicals⠀
🍃 Plant and mineral based⠀
🍃 Renewable sugarcane plastic⠀
🍃 Cruelty free⠀
🍃 Gluten free⠀
🍃 Vegan⠀
🍃 Soap Free⠀
🍃 Approved by Environmental Choice NZ⠀

It comes in a lemon fragrance made up of citrus essential oils. It is so important to pay attention to the word fragrance in product ingredient listings, which can be made up of hundreds of different harmful ingredients. I’ll share more on this in another post.⠀

It’s available in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg to purchase online or from a wide range of stores through Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. For stockist details, visit http://www.ecostore.com.au/where_to_buy. I purchased mine from Woolworths Australia. ⠀

I hope this post helps you in considering an alternative to mainstream big brand dishwasher detergents. ⠀

Always remember, you have the conscious-buying power in your hands.

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