Divine by Therese Kerr – Fresh Breath Mouth Spray & Mouth Rinse

I’ve never been a fan of traditional mouth wash. It burns my mouth and it tastes like crap.  So admittedly, I never used it regularly … until now.

According to health warrior David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe, did you know that most non-organic mouth washes on the market may contain potentially harmful toxins and chemicals such as:
❗️Hexetidine (oraldene)
❗️Methyl Salicylate
❗️Benzalkonium Chloride

The above may cause serious conditions with ongoing use: increased blood pressure, serious heart conditions, drying out the mucous membranes of the mouth, reducing saliva which actually causes bad breath (?!?), allergic reactions, vomiting. You get the picture.

I hope this highlights the importance of carefully choosing what you’re buying and putting into your mouth. You have the power of choice.

Early this year, I heard Therese Kerr (The Divine Company) speak at Natural Harmony Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic. She shared how toxic chemicals in our skincare are impacting all our lives. It brought me to tears. That day, I bought a range of certified organic products to try and there were a few standouts. Here are a couple I recommend:

 The Divine Company Refreshing Mouth Rinse 250mls (refreshing, soothing, healing, anti-bacterial and protects your gums)

 The Divine Company Fresh Breath Mouth Spray 30mls (soothing, refreshing, anti-bacterial, curbs sweet cravings and compact for your handbag) They contain mint, thyme and parsley with a range of essential oils and extracts. I LOVE them both equally and they taste yum!

Next time you choose your mouthwash and breath spray, why not choose a healthier alternative?

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