Zen your pantry – #pantrydump challenge

Does your pantry look like this?

Mine doesn’t yet, but it’s what I’ve been striving for. Years ago, during a gym assessment, my personal trainer made one statement which stuck in my mind, “If you want to come to the gym to get fit, you need to start from the inside out. At home, look in your pantry and dump anything that is in a packet that has ingredients you don’t recognise or can’t pronounce”.

This has stuck with me, and ever since, I have slowly reduced our processed food intake and we have never felt better.

I also try to store everything in jars rather than plastic containers, so no nasties leach into our foods.

What does your pantry look like?

#pantrydump challenge:

I have a challenge for you.

Are you willing to dump one processed item today and replace it with a fresher alternative?

Share with us which product you will dump and your commitment below.

Image thanks to @homeisbythesea

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