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What’s on your Harmony List?

How lovely are these statements? Reading them fills me with a feeling of peace, calm and tranquility. 🙏🏻🍃

And a dawning reality that I have much work to do to feel this way consistently. And I question whether I’ll ever achieve it. One can only strive towards it. I do, however, remember certain moments in my life where I have felt like this.

This is my Harmony List –
When I consistently exercise, when I regularly meditate, when I eat good wholesome food daily, when I get fresh air, when I’m at the beach, when I have good morning habits, when I spend time with like-minded positive inspiring people, when I go on retreats, when I’m on holidays, when I drink herbal tea. A combination of these makes me feel harmonious and in absolute connection with mind, body and soul. ☀️

However, internal and external forces are always at play, pulling me away from all this goodness. Can anyone relate?

The vortex of TV, laziness, the never-ending negativity of news headlines, my Facebook feed, my Instagram feed, my Pinterest feed, social media in general, work stress, eating too much shit junk food, over-thinking, allowing other’s opinions to matter, having people in my life that are continually negative, lack of committing to my daily positive habits, not having regular breaks and scheduling enough downtime / holidays – essentially allowing life to lead me, rather than me taking the lead in my own life. 😫

I’ll remember to read this post next time I’m feeling out of whack and I encourage you to do the same.

Why not come up with a Harmony List ☀️ for your life? The stuff that keeps you perfectly balanced. It’s different for everyone. Save it to your phone for future reference whenever you feel you need to get back on track.

Thanks to Louise Hay – as always you never cease to provide inspiration.

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