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There is no money in healthy people or dead people. The money is in sick people / Bill Maher /

I’ve been watching a range of doco’s lately focusing on the world health epidemic. The rise of blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc in our communities is alarming. And there is no sign of a decrease in sight. ⠀

We are conditioned to think that such illnesses are ‘common’ now. There’s a pill for everything, coupled with advice that you must eat well and exercise, together with a script for your daily dose of medicine that you must take … forever. ⠀

I have seen this first-hand. My mum was on a concoction of medications from her 25-year long-time doctor (now retired). When I became aware of what she was taking, which was around 8-10 pills a day, whilst still not feeling well, I stepped in and attended an appointment with her. After questioning her doctor on all her meds, I was met with a look of ‘how dare you question me’. ⠀

Suffice to say, fairly soon thereafter, I switched her to my personal doctor, someone I trust who has an open-mind, and took an active approach to my mum’s healthcare. Ten years later, mum still does take medication; however, they are minimised to 4 pills and her health has improved dramatically. So I have to ask the question, why was she taking all those tablets, and since taking less, why does she feel better when nothing else has changed?⠀

Profit-driven big pharma and our healthcare system is the only answer I can find.⠀

It’s in their interest for us to take medications, for us not to question, for us to look for quick fixes, that we remain sick.⠀

I’m not saying that some medications don’t have their place in the right situation, and certain doctors absolutely have the right intention. However, I believe that medications for certain common chronic illnesses, that are caused primarily by poor eating and lifestyle habits could be eliminated. But it takes awareness, effort and a willingness to change.⠀

We can all play our part in minimising the statistics by choosing with our dollar what we buy, what foods we eat and getting our bums moving.⠀

Let’s stop being exploited and take control of our lives. We owe it to ourselves and our children.

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