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Kid friendly – Gluten Free Banana & Oat Mini Pancakes

When my young son wasn’t able to eat gluten and wheat for a period of time, I had to look for alternatives when it came to pancakes for the kids. Even though he can now eat wheat, these banana and oat mini pancakes are a weekly breakfast option at our place that the kids (and we) love! Ingredients Makes 12 mini pancakes. 1 Banana Cinnamon (light sprinkle to your taste) 1 egg 1 cup rolled oats Milk of choice (only…

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Karen Murrell Lipsticks

Love bright lips? Me, too! For the longest time, I searched for a bright vibrant lipstick that didn’t have all the junk in it, which is not an easy thing. I had read that lippy’s that had deep hues such as reds, pinks, etc., (my faves) were typically tested on animals and most commercial brands contain traces of lead. So I’ve stayed away. Until now. Enter Karen Murrell Lipsticks. Designed in New Zealand and made in Australia. Karen Murrell Lipsticks use…

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Doctor, Doctor, give me the news.

Doctor doctor give me the news…… Yep, we all go to them for much needed answers and advice and doctors absolutely have their place in our modern world. However, I like to think that before we head to the waiting rooms of our doctor’s clinic, we might stop to try and work things out ourselves first. After all, we do understand our bodies best, because they are ours. But more often than not, we are not paying attention to the…

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