Karen Murrell Lipsticks

Love bright lips? Me, too!

For the longest time, I searched for a bright vibrant lipstick that didn’t have all the junk in it, which is not an easy thing.

I had read that lippy’s that had deep hues such as reds, pinks, etc., (my faves) were typically tested on animals and most commercial brands contain traces of lead. So I’ve stayed away. Until now.

Enter Karen Murrell Lipsticks.

Designed in New Zealand and made in Australia.

Karen Murrell Lipsticks use fully natural and quality FDA-approved safe ingredients so you will not find any parabens, coal tar, carmine, mineral oils or triclosan in their products.

Ingredients include:
🍃 Avocado oil
🍃 Evening primrose oil
🍃 Candelilla
🍃 Carnauba wax
🍃 Cinnamon
🍃 Sweet orange

To achieve the pigmentation in their lipsticks, they use Mica and Iron Oxide which are natural pigments and FDA-safe/approved ingredients.

Their sustainability position is inspiring all the way from product to packaging, with printing in vegetable-based inks on sustainable-sourced paper by an FSC-certified printing company, which means they’re committed to caring for our forests.

I have pretty much been wearing my lipsticks everyday since I bought them. They make me feel like I’m having fun and they brighten up my face with a pop of colour which I LOVE!

In the words of Karen Murrell, “A woman in beautiful lipstick can brighten a room like a bunch of fresh flowers. That captivating burst of beauty inspires everything we do.”

Yep, that’s pretty much how I feel when I wear them!

For luscious lips with a hint of cinnamon, we recommend you order online at www.karenmurrell.com for worldwide shipping or for our Aussie friends, head to Healthy Life Australia (RRP $30). I’m wearing Coral Dawn.

Do yourself a favour and dump your toxic-filled lippy for this beautifully vibrant healthier alternative.

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