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Pukka Tea

I LOVE drinking tea. Which might sound odd, considering I’m of Italian heritage and coffee is deeply entrenched in our culture and family way of life. I don’t mind coffee occasionally, I just much prefer tea. ⠀ Tea makes me feel relaxed, peaceful, happy, chilled and is perfect shared with a friend. It seems to soothe any conversation and help heal the soul.⠀ I don’t mind what flavour either … which was great considering on my last visit to Healthy…

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Juliet’s gift to me.

My daughter gave me such a beautiful gift this morning. This incredible sunrise. Plus a lesson in looking for the positive wherever possible. Though sometimes it’s hard. 🙈 If it wasn’t for her waking early, I would have missed it. Normally, I bitch and moan about resettling her at 5am. 😫 After going to bed at midnight, five hours sleep is just not enough for me. Especially after months of it. But today, in my zombie one eye open, walk through…

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Lavender spray is my go to!

Lavender – is it just for old people? Um, no. Lavender: is antiseptic is anti-inflammatory heals minor burns & bug bites can treat anxiety and depression soothes you to sleep aids restlessness This week, my little Juliet has had lots of teething angst. (And so has mum – not teething, just angst). Late nights, fevers, irritability – you name it. Not much can help our little babes get through teething aside from the standard paracetamol and cooling gum gels. It’s…

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