Pukka Tea

I LOVE drinking tea. Which might sound odd, considering I’m of Italian heritage and coffee is deeply entrenched in our culture and family way of life. I don’t mind coffee occasionally, I just much prefer tea. ⠀

Tea makes me feel relaxed, peaceful, happy, chilled and is perfect shared with a friend. It seems to soothe any conversation and help heal the soul.⠀

I don’t mind what flavour either … which was great considering on my last visit to Healthy Life Australia, I had a voucher to spend from my membership points (yay!), and came across the Pukka Herbs – Australia range of tea, where there were over 20 (if not more) flavours to choose from. ⠀

At one point I was carrying 5 boxes – yeah, I’m obsessed with tea, ha ha – and was at risk of dropping them all in a very uncoordinated mess, when the herbal collection box caught my eye. I realised I could try a range of flavours, so I could pick my faves from just one box to start with. So back on the shelf went the 5 boxes and I settled on this special box of treasures. Happy days!⠀

Pukka create beautiful, sustainably-produced organic herbal teas. Awakening people to the incredible power of herbs and inspiring people to live a more conscious life are key parts of the Pukka ethos, which I just love as it’s so in line with parts of my own mission. Pukka aspires to live up to its name, taken from the Hindi word for ‘genuine’ and ‘authentic’, by creating only the highest quality herbal teas for your enjoyment.⠀

This magical little box set includes a mini herbal adventure of five delicious teas (there are plenty more you can try in the entire range):⠀
🍃elderberry and echinacea⠀
🍃lemon, ginger and manuka honey ⠀
🍃night time⠀
🍃three mint⠀

Ok, so for my faves. Well it’s hard, I actually quite like them all, but if I had to choose, elderberry and echinacea, night time and three mint are stand outs!⠀

I love the ayurvedic focus behind this brand of teas which are:⠀
• organic⠀
• vegetarian⠀
• gluten free⠀
• added sugar free⠀
• fairwild ⠀
• caffeine free⠀

What’s your favourite tea flavour? Have you tried Pukka teas before?

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