Lavender spray is my go to!

Lavender – is it just for old people? Um, no.


  • is antiseptic
  • is anti-inflammatory
  • heals minor burns & bug bites
  • can treat anxiety and depression
  • soothes you to sleep
  • aids restlessness

This week, my little Juliet has had lots of teething angst. (And so has mum – not teething, just angst). Late nights, fevers, irritability – you name it. Not much can help our little babes get through teething aside from the standard paracetamol and cooling gum gels. It’s a process that just has to happen. I’m not totally against modern medicine where it’s required as it’s helped me many times over. However, I will always look for an alternative where possible. This week was no different.

So what I did was turn to my recent purchase of doterra essential oil collection kit, which is a range of what doterra consider to be the “feel better essentials” – lavender, lemon, peppermint (my fave!), oregano, EasyAir blend, IceBlue blend, teatree, frankincense, DigestZen blend and OnGuard blend. And as I have done over the past few months with all ailments, I explored what could help her in my little box of treasures. It’s only been a short time since I attended the doterra seminar run by my new friends, Mariana and Jen, so I am learning lots about essential oils, mostly by practice. Thanks, ladies.

Getting back to Juliet, I uncovered that lavender was good for relaxing her during teething, so I got out my homemade air freshener – spritzed her room (when she was outside it), waited for the mist to settle well, then lay her down to sleep and left the door ajar for ventilation. Within a few minutes, she was sound asleep. I couldn’t believe it. Happy mum. So I just had to share.

Do you use lavender oil? Share with us in the comments how you use it, and what you use it for.

If you would like to know more about doterra essential oils, PM and get in touch. Let’s learn together.
For more lavender love, check out our friends at Snowy River Lavender Farm.
** Safety note: essential oils should never be used neat (undiluted) directly on infants and safe application must always be followed. Refer to the doterra website for info.

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