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It’s good to be on your own sometimes.

We live in a world that feel likes it’s travelling at the speed of light sometimes. Well not literally, but you know what I mean. Since coming out of lockdown in Melbourne late last year, life has started to ramp up again. Coordinating and enjoying holidays away, getting the kids ready for school about to start, playdates, errands, activities, housework…that elusive “me” time. I still can’t process that it’s a new year. Anyone else feel like last year has just…

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Lavender spray is my go to!

Lavender – is it just for old people? Um, no. Lavender: is antiseptic is anti-inflammatory heals minor burns & bug bites can treat anxiety and depression soothes you to sleep aids restlessness This week, my little Juliet has had lots of teething angst. (And so has mum – not teething, just angst). Late nights, fevers, irritability – you name it. Not much can help our little babes get through teething aside from the standard paracetamol and cooling gum gels. It’s…

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