It’s good to be on your own sometimes.

We live in a world that feel likes it’s travelling at the speed of light sometimes. Well not literally, but you know what I mean. Since coming out of lockdown in Melbourne late last year, life has started to ramp up again. Coordinating and enjoying holidays away, getting the kids ready for school about to start, playdates, errands, activities, housework…that elusive “me” time. I still can’t process that it’s a new year. Anyone else feel like last year has just blended into this one?⁠⠀⁠

Don’t fear alone time…

For some of us, we are sometimes afraid of being alone and try to fill our time with things to do. Or in other cases we have too much on our to do list and need to cut things back to create space (me 🙋). And for others, we embrace and prioritise solitude (also me 🙋).⁠⠀⠀

Change your mindset…

Changing your mindset to enjoy your alone time can do wonders for you, mentally (and physically). Being alone can give you time to reflect, journal, do nothing, meditate, get pampered, read books and whatever makes you happy. You’ll see benefits of a calmer mind and body, helping you feel re-energised when you return to your activities, tackling your projects (or your demanding kids).⁠⠀

Escape for a moment…

As a mum, busy days can feel never-ending at times. Sometimes you just need to go for a drive, play your favourite songs, and sing at the top of your lungs. Or sit in silence in your car and enjoy the serenity. #donethat⁠⠀
Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the moment. Whether it be 5, 10, 30 mins or more. But do it. Use it productively to nourish your mind. It will thank you for it.⁠⠀
Do you enjoy your solitude or do you prefer to keep busy?⁠⠀
📷 Paola Chaaya

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