Contribution = Fulfillment

Giving feels good.

What can you to do to help someone in need?

My hubby turned the big 40 this week. Huge milestone for a great guy. ❤️ He has a rare B+ blood type, with only 10% of Australians with this kind of blood. He donates every few months and this is one of his very few selfie pics, in the name of a great cause. We encourage all those that can to donate to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

I think it’s one of the most generous things you can do to donate blood (I squirm at the sight of it so not an option for me) and when I asked hubby why he does it, he simply says it’s because he can and it’s his own unique way of giving back. He would hate to think that someone suffers that needs his rare blood type, when it takes very little time or effort for him donate.

Which got me thinking, there are many things we ‘can’ do and ‘can’ give without too much effort or impact, which not only help others in a big way, but make us feel good inside, too.

  • Donate to a charity of your choice
  • Volunteer to help/visit the elderly
  • Help out in a food kitchen
  • Sponsor your biz services to a local charity
  • Offer up some time or give blankets to an animal shelter

In the words of the great Tony Robbins,
“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy : true fulfillment.”

Our charity of choice is Helping Hands Mission who do much needed work in our local and rural communities. Helping Hands Mission Op Shops.

Please share what you do or give to someone in need, so we can come up with a great list of ideas.

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