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It’s the start of the year (only just!), and I’ve been thinking a lot about habits and how to remain consistent in everything that is important to me, so that I live happily. Honestly, I have struggled with this over time.⠀

I think back to where I let life lead me, I had minimal routines, no rituals, and just went with the flow … and it worked for that period of my life and suited my fluid personality. But not a lot got done. Well, I did get some stuff done, but not for long periods of time.

Rather than me leading my life and owning my time, everything was kind of all over the place. And I was stressed. A lot. Because I was living incongruently and reactively everyday.⠀

And then I became a mum 18 months ago, and the concept of ‘my time’ was turned so far on its head, it’s taken me quite a while to get used to my new normal.⠀

I’ve learnt that in order for certain important things to happen regularly in my life, it means scheduling everything everyday:⠀
🍃 work⠀
🍃 exercise⠀
🍃 cooking healthy meals⠀
🍃 grocery shops⠀
🍃 meditation⠀
🍃 daycare drop offs & pick ups⠀
🍃 family outings⠀
🍃 catching up with friends⠀
🍃 self-care⠀
… everything.⠀

I know, I know, you’re possibly thinking it sounds excessive, but I’ve realised that there is freedom in structure, and with structure habits are created. And habits create the life you want. So I’m making creating quality habits a priority in 2017.⠀

How do you feel about habits? Love to hear in the comments.

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