My Morning Routine – what does yours look like?

What do you do when you first wake up?⠀

Check your phone? Have a warm tea or coffee, or lemon water perhaps? Give bubs a bottle? Have brekky? Chill out on the couch for a bit. Yeah, me too.⠀

Pre-baby though, I had a very different morning routine. One I am desperate to get back to, albeit I know it will be a little modified, with the addition of little one in our lives now. My routine was based on a set of activities that set me up for the day in the best possible way. And it was freaking awesome.⠀

And it’s all credit to a special book called The Miracle Morning® by the incredible Hal Elrod. Hubby came across it quite a few years back and suggested that we read it and try out the suggested activities for a while. We were in a challenged place back then. Our business was going through ups and downs, we were trying for a family and all round things were not in good flow. So we read the book (more like devoured it), and immediately started to consistently wake up earlier – like I’m talking 6am. And for those who know me, I am not generally a 6am kinda gal. So trust me, it’s a powerful little book. Have you read it?⠀

We then went through the different steps which include things like reading, affirmations, exercise, journaling and repeated them every day. Our lives completely changed for the better. I’m not exaggerating. And I think it was simply because of all the positivity we were putting out into the world.⠀

I can’t emphasise the importance of a healthy morning practice – and now it’s time for me to get back to that place. I have decided I will start with small steps, even if it’s just one thing like reading 2 pages each morning – I will start to do this each day and slowly build back up to what’s manageable for me. That’s my promise to myself. ⠀

What does your morning look like?⠀

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