Yoga for back pain.

Yoga … it’s my exercise thing. Even though I was into athletics and running in high school, I’m not really into high-impact exercise anymore. I like the slow, smooth and steady approach to getting fit and leaving all my problems on the mat.

I remember a time I had to get massaged every month without fail to deal with stiff shoulders and neck due to working in front of a computer for hours and days on end. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved massages, but it was crap that I had to get them out of necessity and not for pleasure.

My lower back ached after damage from carrying a 20-kg backpack for months through Europe in my early 20’s. Yep, back to the masseuse and chiro.

Then I discovered yoga and the right instructor – because in my view, my yoga practice was considerably enhanced by the quality of instructor (I tried a few) and the intention I brought to my classes. When I started to do it consistently once or twice a week, my pains went away and I didn’t visit a masseuse for pain relief for nearly 4 years. Then I got pregnant last year and stopped yoga at 20 weeks as my belly got bigger, I looked ridiculous and couldn’t actually do my favourite pose downward dog (so good!).

Yep, back to the masseuse pre- and post-pregnancy.

That’s enough proof for me – yoga is king.

What’s your exercise of choice?

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